Fewer animals with new update.

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Punk SW
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Fewer animals with new update.

Post by Punk SW » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:24 am

Since the recent update I am not the only one to notice on each map there is fewer animals. How are we supposed to get coins this way? It is more leggy than normal. I haven't seen any white rhinos now just wild take.

I'd also like to have made tags, be it custom colored under your name of who your mate is (or pack) or a symbol to add to the wolves skin. Yes, I pay for VIP and would like this added. Also custom colored wolf heads on the map for each friend instead of all green heads of friend. That way we can find our friends/mate/pack members we wanna co-op with. A solo hunting mode would be good and also a pack/mate hunting mode cause higher level players are stealing kills left and right in co-op.

Thank you. :)

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