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Fair PVP Mode

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:29 am
by HelloWolf
Except the health, the other attributes are hidden to other players, especially for over Level 50, the play can choose to update other attributes with a low health.
In such battle, skills and strategy are meaningless but a higher attack attribute will always win.

The idea of Fair PVP mode is to provide a new role with same starting point - unlock all the skills but limited to 1st level, with same amount of XP/Gems so players can choose to upgrade the more useful attributes for his/her own skill/strategy.

In such mode, it is more like CHESS, same starting point, smarter player wins - skills/strategy based.
Now the PVP mode is more like poker, who has the better card wins much easier - not skills/strategy based. Less fun.
A 27k health player kills a 2700 health player, no fun at all.

In the end of the game, all the attributes will be reset.

Just my 2 cents.