Co-op and PvP Shields

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Co-op and PvP Shields

Post by Pita »

The addition of the new scenery settings have been great and there appear to be more animals now. However, it's becoming quite annoying and ridiculous when these animals can stun you 10+ times in a row. Perhaps a new skill that could be earned or purchased is a "Shield".

Some possibilities are:

1.) General Shield - would work in pvp or coop and provide protection against any ts. It would work for a few seconds and regeneration time would take longer. Possibility of making shields be purchased/earned incrementally starting at 10% protection with highest level providing 100%protection.

2.) Specialty Shields - various shield options for purchase or earned with each specializing in protection against specific ts skills. Again, protection levels begin at 10% and incrementally increasing.

3.) Reflective Shield - a shield that uses the ts an opponent is using and reflects it back onto them. EXAMPLE: a player owns a Reflective Shield with 30% protection level. Meets an opponent who deploys a poison. The player's Reflective Shield provides 30% protection and poisons the opponent at the 30%. Reflective Protection levels could begin at 10% and incrementally increase.

Just a few ideas to help reduce player frustration, reduce player attrition, and add game variety/interest.

Keep up the great work.👍


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Re: Co-op and PvP Shields

Post by Kaboo »

I like this idea ~ support
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Re: Co-op and PvP Shields

Post by BOREALIS »

This is a nice idea, but I don't support the 100% defense part. This shield seems like it can fend off damage of any sort, which means they can also protect you from a basic bite. This means that you take absolutely no damage. Now, if we think about it, many strong players spend money on the game. Imagine battling a player who is way stronger than you, let's say 20k, and has a maxed out shield. I'm also not sure about the deflecting part. People would likely avoid using their skills and not even attack someone because of this shield.

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