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Recycling unused skills

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2021 7:05 pm
by Itsnotmeitsyou
In other games I play, you upgrade things, then if you no longer use it, you can "recycle". By recycle I mean you can trade in things for half of what you paid for it. I really think skills should do this.

I spend money on this game, and I started out just like everyone does, seeing a skill, thinking it's cool and upgrading. Only to find you like another skill much better and the previous skill is no longer used.

The problem there is not only have you wasted a lot of gems you'll never get back (and gems are expensive!), but the CP that obsolete skill gave you, stays. Even though you don't use that skill. So now you're going against people that have very upgraded skills, THEY USE, and you don't. Makes things like PVP absolutely terrible.

So, my suggestion is to be able to take away your unused skills and get back a percentage of gems (obviously not all) and remove the CP that came along with it.

Another suggestion
The ability to opt out of being alpha in coop.

Edit: another big one is being able to choose which level you go into, in coop. I just turned lvl 60. So now 9/10 I'm in lvl 50 to 90 in mammoth. Yet again the underdog where I'm stuck with mostly level 70+ who obviously will always get most gems and points in kills. Let me choose to go back to lvl 40-70 I think it was and keep building up. Honestly this is a huge thing that turns me away from playing as much.