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New Maps & Server List "Game Needs"

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:40 am
by Spooky
Okey so we need more maps we need not just two but a wide variety maybe a polar or tropical maybe even forest or island wise but it all comes down to different and espeacially more then just two maps cause it sucks and gets boring after a while
.polar region
.tropical region
.island (maybe with a volcano where u can battle lave monsters idk)
.space the moon lol

SERVER LIST yup a server list we need because we don't know what server we are randomly out into when we press play am I right we wanna know how many people and who's in that server before we press start cause no ones gonna wanna go in a server with only two people there HA
THIS also helps with see if your friends in that server or even on