Option to disable PVP quests

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Option to disable PVP quests

Post by Morgoth »

I would like to suggest adding an option to disable PVP quests.
This is only type of quest which is really frustrating and a lot of players do them because they have to, to get few gems or points for clan not because they like to. On the other hand it seems that it's bigger chance to get a PVP quest more likely than other. Second time this week I had 3 pvp quests in a row. I usually do quests kinda on cooldown and if I do a PVP quest because I rolled one, and after 20 minutes I get another PVP kill quest and 30 minutes later I get 3rd one it gets extremely frustrating.

I understand that some people love PVP, but some of us hate them. I have literally 0 PVP skills on high level, and sometimes it takes like 30 minutes to get 15 kills for quest because I'm entering room with PVP build players and its next to impossible to kill them.

Skipping quest is not a solution, because I'm losing another 8-12 hours, a reward and points for clan which kinda sucks.

And now, after 8 hours I had another 2 PVP kill quests in a row - which means 5 PVP quests in a row. Is that a not funny joke?

And after another 8 hours first quest is a PVP one. What is wrong with this game?

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Re: Option to disable PVP quests

Post by itssBlue »

Logged your suggestions, but its random which quests you get!

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Re: Option to disable PVP quests

Post by Itsnotmeitsyou »

I wish they would do this too. It's a big eye roll when I get this quest. But I really doubt they'd take it away.

What I do is go into PVP with a friend, announce that we're here only for a quest then leaving. Then proceed to kill friend (or get killed by them if it's their quest.).

I've seen many people temp change their names to "only here for quest" in PVP. It's really not uncommon to not like going in there.

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