Current Glitches/Bugs & Other Things

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Current Glitches/Bugs & Other Things

Post by Unrealisation »

Here are a few things I've noticed with the 1.5.4 update. It would be fantastic if the developers fix most of these in the next update.

1. The Hill Glitch: When a player is battling against an opponent and one of them is on a hill, assuming that their basic skill is claw, they will always miss.

2. The Joystick will zoom my wolf out a lot of times. On several occasions, it zooms my wolf out then takes control of my wolf and rears toward a direction for a few seconds. It's like an invisible person is doing that; I found it unnerving at first, but for some reason I thought it was funny lol xD :shock:

3. I've stumbled upon people who hacks the game. They appear to be 'immortal' --you can't bite, use your powers on them or kill them, but they can kill you. I've come to the conclusion that they keep their attributes and skills low enough to blend in with the system, but I'm not entirely sure.

4. In PvP, a person can kill another person in the opposite team in their den. The person who was killed respawns to a random spot in their den, only to be killed again and again. I think this process is called farming, as mention by another user in this community.

5. Extremely high level HPs abuse people with lower HPs, attributes, and skills. This is extremely unfair, especially for people who just recently leveled up to 50. I think the developers should let the players choose an option in pvp: to play with random players (who may or may not have higher/lower than them) OR to play with people who has the same range of attributes/skill levels. The first option allows the player to be with their friends who may have super high HPs/attacks/skill levels. The second option allows the player to battle against people within the same power as them. Levels 5-48 won't need these options, it's mainly for the level 50s.

6. I almost killed a champion, but I died before I had the chance to kill it. I respawned then ran back to the spot where the champ was, and someone had already killed it. I didn't get any coin or gems. Yes, I am complaining, but only because it has happened way too many times.

...And that concludes my thoughts. I've been playing The Wolf since 2017 and have had multiple accounts, but I discovered the forum just recently. Overall, I'm quite impressed with the development of this game, please keep up the amazing work! :)

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Re: Current Glitches/Bugs & Other Things

Post by rain »

1. The Hill Glitch:
This is extremely annoying and that pretty much sums it up lol. I suppose it makes more sense physicwise but then again, these wolves have magical powers.

2. The Joystick
Same here. I had people ask me why I suddenly ran up to the other team when we were waiting for the portals to load. Also the attack button does this too and I find myself often causing an unwanted fight because of it.

3. I've stumbled upon people who hacks the game.
I haven't come across many hackers since the new maps came out so there has been slight improvement but unfortunately they still somehow find loopholes.

4. Farming
I'm not sure when this started happening but I think it occurs more often after the new maps were created(weird grammar here). There is the issue of some people being unwillingly farmed although it is rare.

5. Extremely high level HPs abuse people with lower HPs, attributes, and skills.
This has been suggested a few times by others and I have myself. It is indeed an idea that needs to be put into play.

6. I almost killed a champion, but I died before I had the chance to kill it and the animal was killed by another player.
I had this experience before but not with champs. It is a really sad situation especially if you get no points.

I feel like I just repeated whatever you said but in a different context heh
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Re: Current Glitches/Bugs & Other Things

Post by heheshka »

I agree.

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