Number of hits

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Number of hits

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Hi.I I thought long time about this,and because forum already exist,I wanted to share with you all about it.Namely I mean about descriptions which are included in basic skills and special skills.

First of all,this is all about basic skills.and mistake in them. Why mistake? Because if you can see in description of double claw and overhead triple claw-there you can see a description about number of hits-where is written in double claw number of hits:2 and in overhead triple claw number of hits:3 but in reality,here is only one hit in both skills..

About special skills: let's now about thunderstorm a bit..Namely,there In description are written: number of hits 8,and there is really 8 number of hits,not like in double claw and overhead triple claw..

Therefore I suggest about adding another number of hits ( double claw and overhead triple claw )
Like these are executing once by once ( one after animation of claw,and second after second animation of claw,also third by overhead triple claw.. )

And then it could be looks like:

*Double claw* ( 1 level )
Cooldown: 10.0s
Number of hits:2
First number of hit: 240% damage
Second number of hit: 24% damage

*Overhead triple claw* ( 1 level )

Cooldown: 15.0s
Number of hits:3
First number of hit: 260% damage
Second number of hit: 26% damage
Third number of hit: 2,6% damage

Thank you for reading!Greetings from Poland!

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