Clan Raids And Clan Quests And Clan Perks ''Game Needs''

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Clan Raids And Clan Quests And Clan Perks ''Game Needs''

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so earlier i thought of this ... what if we had clan where in those clans we also have perks we can also do clan raids which are clans that go and defeat bosses with there clan mates '
clan quests it cant get any simpler then the name'
and clan perks yes all these are perks lmfao

players should have there own base in clan raids so they can raid other clan bases as well and get something out of that
not just raiding other clan bases but as well as defeating huge bosses together

clan quests , if this game ever has a quest or a story campaign i suggest a co-op called clan quest get it.. cause it sounds like conquest hah pun

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