Day and night cycle

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Nupoor Chandraker
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Re: Day and night cycle

Post by Nupoor Chandraker »

I was also thinking the same but in different manner.
We should have a day n night mode for the servers, instead of a cycle.
Or maybe we can have many different modes including the cycle-
• Day mode
• Night mode
• Day n night cycle
• New moon night (war night)
• Full moon night ( romantic night, of course)
And the craziest thing, I saw this iny dream. I saw that the wolf was updated and the update was about the modes.
And please! I want my this dream to come true (literally).
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Re: Day and night cycle

Post by Nick »

Awesome idea make it so in the night it is easier to sneak on animals.

Archer FAME
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Re: Day and night cycle

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Great idea! Love it. Total support.

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Re: Day and night cycle

Post by NoHeart »

I love this idea. Day and night. I think 20 min would be good time frame for the cycle. Also having some animals spawn durring the day and others at night would be eally neat
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