My Ideas For The Game

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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My Ideas For The Game

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List of things I'd love to see in a new update.

🐾More Varity of Pelts*
Besides having only 5 pelt colors, adding pelt types where you can change the hue, and contrast to your very liking would be a dream come true! This would give more individuality to a player's wolf. Wolf Quest has great examples of this.

🐾Replacing Certain Animals🐾
Would love to see more realistic prey and predators that wolves actually face in the wild. Minus the Boar Boss. XD
Sheep- Ram
Bull- Musk Ox
Cougar- Common Badger
Tiger- Cougar
Rhino- Boar Boss
Image ... imals.html

🐾Different Hunting Tactics🐾
Would love to see the kind of hunting gameplay that's in Wolf Quest; small prey like rabbits and coyotes try to flee, Predators like bears and cougars stand their ground, and herd animals like elk will disperse while being chased. Elk run until their health is drained to a certain point and from there they will actually attack you. Elk always end up heading back to the herd which gives you an opportunity to attack them as they head towards you if you are in their direct way of them getting back to their herd.
Wolf Quest Hunting Gameplay Example

🐾New Abilities🐾
Brand new Basics, Auras, and Specials I came up with that I plan on making illustrations of to show what they look like! but for now, here's the descriptions!

New Basic Attacks

Sonic Howl
Seismic howl that deals damage while also sending enemies a fair distance back.

Leaf Fury
-Send a flurry of sharp leaf projectiles 3X from a distance.

Lava Ring
-Molten lava that encircles you for a certain amount of time and chars enemies that get to close.

-A wolf manifestation that deals double damage towards an enemy for a limited amount of time.

New Auras
Steel Pelt
-Encases you in a body of steel and protects from damage for a certain amount of time.

-Makes you invisible to enemies for a limited amount of time.

Slow Spell
-Slows an enemy's running and attack speed greatly for a few seconds.

Electric nova
-Stuns an enemy momentary and zaps an enemy wolf's ability gauge completely down.

New Special Attacks
Rage Fire
-A breath of pure fiery rage that when unleashed, deals great damage to enemies.

Entrapment Void
-Pulls an enemy down into shadowy void leaving them immobile for a limited amount of time .

-Keeps enemy's health from replenishing for certain amount of time.

Earth's Crust
-An earth pillar that deals great damage while also preventing enemies from reaching you for a few seconds.

Well that's all I have! Hope ya enjoy!
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