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Post by Luna »

I think it would be quite nice to add the music to the actual gameplay as well, it would definitely add more to the atmosphere. Of course players would be able to toggle this on and off.

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Re: Music

Post by Xena »

Good idea, this will add more armosphere :)
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Re: Music

Post by Sabre »

Not a bad idea, it would be more interesting.
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Re: Music

Post by Alpha Rey GSD »

I agree, music would be nice. Also, adding sound would be great! I love to study dog (wolf) language, so if I you could hear the wolf howling and barking, whining, scratching the ground and stuff, that would be great!

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Re: Music

Post by Feru »

I was thinking about music too but.. uh... No. I think natural background sound and front theme music already good as it is. But if they perhaps consider adding extra maps for hanging out only, jazz or relaxing smooth cafe-like music would be great.✨

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Re: Music

Post by yakuza »

Or maybe something similar to "radio" in GTA IV so you can attach music from built-in audio player? :D One could listen to jazz, other could choose hard rock :)

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Re: Music

Post by BOREALIS »

This is a nice idea. There also needs to be a settings option during gameplay so that you don't have to leave a server just to turn music/sound effects on/off.

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Re: Music

Post by S.K.Y. »

My thought exactly- I would like some very natural music when you are not engaged with enemies, but more EPIC music when you are engaged. I think the intro music would be perfect for when you're fighting. And you should be able to toggle the music.
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