Better Room Divisions Based on Level (PvP)

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Better Room Divisions Based on Level (PvP)

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While playing the game I noticed that you typically get paired with players of similar level. While this is good I do no think the demarcations are fine enough in PvP mode.

For example I noticed that one "grouping" of players is roughly ~27 - 40. When you first reach level 27 and enter the new grouping it is very difficult to survive against the 40s from the other team. Even worse is when you get to level 41 and are now paired with players level 41-50. My level 41 wolf dies after one strike against a strong level 50 player. My wolf has roughly 3700 HP and strong level 50 players typically have HP 17000 or more and can do ~4000 damage in routine attacks (like thundercloud). Literally 4 level 41 players could not ever kill a single level 50 player this strong.

This makes the game unplayable in PvP mode for me now. It isn't any fun to play against others that are not of a similar strength (this may go for high ranking players too -- is it even fun to kill another player with one shot then have them stick to their home?). The only two choices I see to continue playing PvP are just restart my character at 0 or play in CO-OP for weeks to gain strength (neither choice is enticing).

My suggestion would be to divide up the rooms into more level groupings: 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-45, 46-49, and have the 50s play with only other 50s.

If there aren't enough players to make so many divisions, then maybe just separate the 50s into their own rooms?

Just my $0.02 to make the game more competitive and fun for everyone.

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Re: Better Room Divisions Based on Level (PvP)

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Hey bdc, I agree with this. However, I think it would be better if players were divided by heir stats, because the stats of level 50 players can vary. For example, I'm on level 50 with 7k HP, but I see 10-20ks. Also, some people spend real money to make their attributes higher, which can make a 5k level 39 wolf play against a 2k one. Those are just my thoughts. :)

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