Possible Improvements

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Possible Improvements

Post by rain »

This is an amazing game, but I noticed a few things that could be improved. Some improvements for this game could be:
-possibly more spaces in pvp
-the ability to reverse spent gems and points(a lot of people spent gems on skills they don't need)
-more hand to hand combat(unlike thunder, which is a kinda unfair skill to many)
-possibly more gems when you lvl up
-getting gems by completing quests, like reaching a particular hp or amount of kills
-maybe you can play coop by yourself offline when there's no wifi
-selecting any three skills, instead of having to pick one basic, one aura and one special

Suggestions(not really issues that need to be fixed):
-something where you can play with just friends privately
-drinking water can speed up hp revival

I also feel like more apps/simulators are constantly being created. Isn't it better to focus on one of them? Pretty much all the Swift Apps games are the same, just different setting and animals, nothing really new.

Other then all that, the game is one of the best apps I've downloaded. :)

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Re: Possible Improvements

Post by Terrorus »

I agree it is great but it needs something I think you need a mate that is a computer so it on when you on and you have pups and if abandoned someone else can take them but when grown up they go away but you can howl them to your side

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