PC version

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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PC version

Post by MoonMoon »

If you guys made a PC version I would definitely play it!!! You guys would probably be able to put even more content in it! I would totally love to see that happen one day!
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Re: PC version

Post by Midnight Lightning »

I agree I would love to play a pc version as well

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Re: PC version

Post by Alpha Rey GSD »

A PC version would be really nice! And you can get an emulator too. Then you can play on PC, but the PC will think it's a phone. Still, a PC version would be nice.

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Re: PC version

Post by BOREALIS »

There is (sort of) a PC version. To get it, you will need to download Bluestacks, which is a program that allows you to download Android apps. I know someone who plays using this program and she has told me quite a bit about it, and I have tried it out. However, like for most Android players, playing on high quality makes the game laggy.

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Re: PC version

Post by Ringo »

I agree, I would love to have this game in an official PC version.

Did download an emulator on my computer, so I could play on my PC when I couldn't use my phone.
It worked fine before, but after the new updates, the security is a lot stricter.
Just leaving a warning, there is a way to play on PC, but you will of course risk getting banned. Because getting the game this way mean you are downloading and playing an unofficial version of the game.
So just saying, there's fully possible to play the game on PC if you want, but there is a risk to it.
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