Reporting users for quitting

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Reporting users for quitting

Post by Athena »

Hello everyone ! Im kinda new here, but playing Wolf since its very beginnig (Im Athena FSM on game so cheers if ive seen u around!). So, i noticed an issue thats really annoying, that were user being totally unfair and quitting the game on PvP right before they get killed and then joining again and again.
Thats so annoying and really mess up with the game spirit.
So my suggestion would be some filter or reporting button so we can report wolfs that keep doing this, so they lost their accs or get an warning....something that penalizes them for this attitude.

That would be really great for PvP.
Also im sorry if there are any english mistakes, no my first language. ;)

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Re: Reporting users for quitting

Post by Jamguy »

I think what they should do is like what other MMOs do. When you decide to exit the game, your character in game has a 5 second cool down before it actually leaves the game. So you can close the app but your wolf is still there for 5 more seconds. Problem fixed. No reporting needed. 👍🏼

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Re: Reporting users for quitting

Post by Taho »

Yes, when a "quiter" close is app (or else) in a fight. A few seconds delay to keep the charater on the server is a nice solution so we can finish the job. And since players have IDs. Why not a 5 or 15 minutes pause or ban before a possible reconnection. Et voila! That might be nice too as a solution. :lol:
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Re: Reporting users for quitting

Post by GamerFreak »

Yes, I heartily agree. It's not fair for others when a high lvl wolf just leaves the room before he or she dies.

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Re: Reporting users for quitting

Post by dhondra SW »

I've just heard about it but now I realised that maybe I'm one, as well who does it but it's not because my aim is not to die but the reason is my internet connection... For me, there's a lot of time when the game threws me out due to internet... :/ (Although, it does not have any problem) and after I sometimes am able to join it again.
So, sorry for this!

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Re: Reporting users for quitting

Post by PharaohSabre »

I.. don't think this is an action that needs reporting. It's a little silly to ask for. The person hasn't bullied anyone or broken a rule or the TOS. They've just inconvenienced you mildly. And you thinking you need to report them for that is a little... bratty.
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Re: Reporting users for quitting

Post by John KN »

This is a good idea and all but what about those who accidentally click on a notification that pops up? doesnt seem right to punish them as well. i do agree something should be done but it doesnt feel right that everyone who does this should get banned.

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Re: Reporting users for quitting

Post by Kaboo »

I think that if someone does that they could instantly die. So like, when they leave you get any confirmation you would for killing them and they don't lose anything for leaving
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