Playing As Other Animals (Rats to Rhinos)

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Playing As Other Animals (Rats to Rhinos)

Post by Illvminati »

While I was in PVP, I thought about how funny it would be to play as other animals.

Playing as beasts in CO-OP
Upon selecting a beast to play as in the co-op map, your role would be to attack the wolves. The level of the beast that you control would be dependant on the level of your own wolf. Basically the wolf stats could carry over to your beast of choice, with penalties or bonuses, depending on which animal you select.

Playing as beasts in PVP
You have the option to play as a wolf or beast:
Rhino's would have stronger, but slower attacks and they would also move slowly.
Cougers and Tigers would have weaker, but very fast attacks and also move very fast.
Rats... seriously, it would be hilarious to play as a levelled up rat that can beat a wolf... maybe rats could escape in little cracks under rocks during PVP.

If a rat defeating a wolf isn't convincing... perhaps the player could control a group of 5 rats that move in a tight group. As you lose HP, you lose rats and your group shrinks until you have no more... or can escape to safety.
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Re: Playing As Other Animals (Rats to Rhinos)

Post by Xena »

I think it's a WOLF simulator after all. But...
Playing as other animals will be interesting and really funny.

So wolf will be the main character to play as.

Other animals will be optional characters to play as and hard to unlock.

Maybe animals will be just the new section of powers named "Shapeshifting". You will unlock the animals by killing the particular of them. For example:

Fox shapeshifting
Unlock: kill 50 foxes

And the animals will be in the unlocking chain like the other powers. This will look like:

(The lower-dangerous animals)
Rat --> Rabbit --> Racoon --> Sheep and Doe --> Moose and Deer.

(The rarer animals)
Opos --> Skunk --> (some more animals there, I just don't remember)

(The higher-dangerous animals)
Fox --> Bobcat and boar --> Cougar and Bear --> Tiger and Bison.

I will forgot some animals, this is an example.

You must unlock first the previous animal to unlock the next.

For example:

Bobcat Shapeshifting
Unlock Fox first

Aaand this isn't that easy:

Fox Shapeshifting
10 πŸ’Ž

Skill will must be purchased with gems like any other powers. The more dangerous animals --> more gems to purchase.

The skill after activation will not stay forever. It will last after 10 seconds.

But luckily, you will be able to extend this time!

The Shapeshifting skill can be upgraded like any ither powers. Of course with gems.

So we must have some of them to unlock all animals.



The animals will have your wolf skin!

So the "gray" rat will be more gray than usual.
The "black" rat will be really black.
The "white" rat will be albino
And the "mexican" rat will be orange-brown.

And with all of the animals.

You will say "And what with the foxes?"

I say "They will have the skins too!"

The "gray" fox will be just a little more gray, but still orange.
The "black" fox will be the black fox, with black fur.
The "white" fox will be albino
And the "mexican" fox will be really orange.

So you understand what I mean :)

The skins will be the way to know this is a player or not. Of course the player "stat window" will be visible still above the head.


So this is my idea to your idea, Illvminati!

I think player will play as a ONE rat - but will be faster than a common rat and this shapeshifting will be rather used to escape.

I think your idea is really good!
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Re: Playing As Other Animals (Rats to Rhinos)

Post by AlbertoJVD22294 »

I think this is a good idea but as noted its a wolf simulator, HOWEVER: you can always have that option in PvE as one player can randomly be offered to do the other animal's job. This way the focus is wolf but you can have that little side option to change things up. Good idea!

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Re: Playing As Other Animals (Rats to Rhinos)

Post by King Brad »

Boom. I think you just came out with a great future game! That would be fun but would not really fit in with this game. If they did do that though #Rating kills wolf XD but I'm all seriousness that would be fun.
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