New PvP Game Mode

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New PvP Game Mode

Post by AlbertoJVD22294 »


I was thinking while playing PvP and saw the big animals gathered in the center of the map like Rhynos and Bears and was thinking, what if there was a PvP mode for like 20 players 10vs10 where the focus is territory.

It can be like the MOBA maps with 3 lanes and jungles and all that (Picture included to explain), but you have to claim the "towers" these can be like a bear boss or Rhyno some kind of group work. Then after killing the animal holding the "tower" they are claimed for your team and you can let it fend itself and move on or stay and defend it.

Maybe after defeating the animal boss who would in logic be "protecting its territory" a NPC wolf from your team replaces it. This would need fair pairing of teams or a system where the team hindered would have a buff to make up?

Of course this would offer experience mostly or who knows what other rewards in the future.

Thank you!

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Re: New PvP Game Mode

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I like this idea... like fighting for territory in games like San Andreas :P As you said, team balance would definitely first need to be looked in to.
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Re: New PvP Game Mode

Post by Xena »

Really good idea!

This will be great when we will fight for a territory :)

Good work with this picture! :D
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