Purge of AFK players

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Purge of AFK players

Post by Coca »

First suggestion: The server should automatically
Purge players that are inactive.

Last night we were playing with a friend , mostly hunting for crocodile champions. We were playing for quite a few hours so we had a decent score in the board, but neither of is were alphas.

There were a few CC that we were having a hard time killing, since they were together, and the game would spawn us in the other side of the map when we died...

Anyways, the times we tried to call alpha they either: 1)Said they were coming and not, 1) and the last that makes me really angry: 2) were AFK. I mean... WHAT IN THE WORLD IS YOUR POINT OF BEING ONLINE AND NOT PLAYING?! You want to show off your score? What for? Jesus.

So yeah, what we did was up scoring the alpha, 240k+ of points.

Another reason I think this would be a good idea is that most of the time some rooms are full. And it's a shame some people couldn't playin in a specific room because others are AFK.

As for the alpha status, maybe this should be in a new post, but it should pass to other players based not only in their score but also in their activity.

Thanks for reading :)

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Re: Purge of AFK players

Post by PharaohSabre »

I agree heavily with this. I'm tired of getting cornered into spawn by the opposing team in pvp because two of my team members are AFK or one just wants to be dumb and sit out. It's annoying wanting to invite a friend or pack mate to a good co-op and not being able to because inactive players are wasting server space. It's awful.

I'd say 15 mins with no movement or sign of any input from the screen commands should result in a boot from the server.
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