Other team hiding in den

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Other team hiding in den

Post by MissMissy »

I think hiding in the den to “heal” yourself needs to be re-looked at. It’s one thing to “heal” but to hide out while the other team is trying to kill you is really frustrating.

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Re: Other team hiding in den

Post by 123doggos »

Mabey not post on suggestions, yes ik people will do this and it's a pain (AHEM MAN UP IF YA DO DIS ;`-`;) But the developers can do nothing to prevent this.
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Re: Other team hiding in den

Post by PharaohSabre »

The developers knew that they were doing when they implemented the spawn den in player vs player mode. Quite frankly it does not matter how much it annoys you, it's not outside of game rules. So if your enemy wants to sprint back to spawn or never leave it to begin with that's their choice and if it's that bothersome to you, you can look for another PvP server.

They may be cowards to you, but crying to the Devs for a huge element of the game to be revisited, and a whole strategy possibly outlawed just because "it's annoying uwu" isn't such a good look either.
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