A few ideas

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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A few ideas

Post by GoldenAnubis »

Here’s a few ideas I came up with that I think would go well with the game -

- A profile. I know this game isn’t a roleplay game, but a profile would be helpful. It would show your wolf name, gender, stats, kills, maybe a list of things you could choose for its personality, etc.

- An upgrade to the friends list where you can request people to be your best friends, a mate, etc. this won’t affect the gameplay at all but will have a toggle in the friendliest where you can organize it easier. And it could go alone with the reason Above this one and display your mate on a profile.

- The option to rest. You could restore health a bit quicker from doing this. Resting could be like a skill and has a cooldown and all, but you can choose how long your wolf rests until it gets up.

- Adding fur lengths for customization, such as long, medium, and short.

- Daily rewards which can unlock accessories or items, such as in-game currency for upgrades, or equitable scars which can be different rarities, etc.
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Re: A few ideas

Post by Kenpachi »

It's a good idea. But I don't think that add itens or accessories would be nice since this game doesn't work on this things, although scars, furs, eyes would be really nice to obtain.
I particularly like about the idea to "upgrade" our friendship since the friendlist is a little bit messy.
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Re: A few ideas

Post by Redpaw »

This all sounds great! I love the profile and mate idea. :)
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Re: A few ideas

Post by BoogerWolf »

Good ideas. I have an idea similar to the daily rewards.


For example:
  • Kill alpha in pvp 30 times, get a reward.
    Kill 5 champions in a specific coop map, reward.
    Reach a total of 5,000 kills in coop, reward.
You get the idea, it could be anything. You could have daily, weekly, monthly or all time challenges.

Rewards could be currency, gems, special skins or other features. :D

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Re: A few ideas

Post by White Fang 1 »

Yes the friend list need to be updated and a little bit of customization to your wolf wouldnt hurt. :)
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