Plz read!!!!!

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Plz read!!!!!

Post by Chocolatee »

Can we have a new section where everyone levels are the same and their wins/ losses depend on their own individual attributes? Because I have many friends who are levels 35-43 and I’m struggling to not level up to 48 so I can continue to play pvp with them XD. I really don’t want to move to 47-50 pvp and not be able to be with my friends, and most of the lvl 50s be having tons of hp and stuff. My friends are kind of active but they don’t level up too often so I can’t just wait for them to catch up. Please consider this suggestion and modify or build on it.

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Re: Plz read!!!!!

Post by BOREALIS »

I'm not sure if I support this idea.
One option is for a "private server" feature in which a player can choose to make a brand new server and invite friends to it.
Another idea would be for the Devs to organize the servers by attributes instead of levels. As a Level 50 plaer with 10k HP, I'm constantly being added to servers with 20k+ HP players, who usually hang out in groups, making the game nearly impossible for me to play.
As of now, the only idea I have for you is to allow your friends to farm off of you. Basically, you give your friends free kills so that they can level up while you don't.

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