Co-op Spawn

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Co-op Spawn

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A major feature of this game is co-op, which is where players are able to gather coins and gems in order to level up their skills and attributes for pvp, as well as for co-op. However, there are a few things that have made co-op less interesting and not as worthy. I feel like I have made so many posts about the topic of co-op already, but here is another. And I'm not the only one who has made posts on co-op. If it's annoying then perhaps there needs to be more focus on these issues.

Firstly, the spawn rate is horrible in many rooms, even those that are full. It takes minutes for animals to regenerate and forces the player to move around the entire map a lot, which can be frustrating, considering the size of the map. The map is relatively big, so the spawn rate should be good, to balance that out. The lack of animals to kill ruins co-op and can lead to players losing interest in the game. There are rooms that are okay but usually those rooms are full and other players are not able to have the same quality of play. Spawn should be constant, no matter how many players there are. That's my belief.

Another thing that I have seen many players upset about is the animals inside of the servers. Before, there was a large variety of animals in the legend mountain map. However now, majority of those animals that people enjoy hunting have been moved to the new map or other maps. These animals include brown musk ox, bulls(I think), white tigers, wild rams, wild yaks and albatross. Have they been moved to the new map to make up for the lack of new animals in there? Many of my friends believe so. One of my friends said something along the lines of, "The legend mountains is not legendary anymore."

I would like to see more Canadian bison, sabertooth and liger rooms, but it seems I rarely find those. Usually the rooms are a mix of animals that are not productive to hunt or not interesting, specifically for lvl 50 players. Even in rooms with animals that are somewhat interesting, the spawn rate in the new map tends to not be constant either. This makes the distaste of it stronger.

Tougher animals such as mammoths and aurochs promote working together as groups. However, the distribution of points and gems is not even. The distribution is biased and often causes drama between players, especially relating to gems. It causes more people to be toxic over sharing. People who enjoy sharing are often in a verbal battle against those who don't, the same for those who don't. And those who share are also verbally fighting each other over whether to use skills or not. Distribution issues is why many people have been drawn away from sharing and caring about others and their needs for gems and points. Co-op is no longer as much of a safe place away from the dramas of pvp.

A lot of the time, co-op consists of changing rooms and regions for a very long time, then giving up. Reasons are: no good spawn and no good animals. Those who enjoy co-op a lot struggle to now. That's the end of my essay. Please fix these issues.

What are your thoughts? Disagree or agree? I'm open to fair reasons that could change my mind but it's quite a stubborn mind lmao
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