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New Friend List, Alpha Rank, PvP Mode Suggestions

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 4:53 am
by Unrealisation
Here are a few of my thoughts (some of them might have been suggested before)

Friend list: Customize friends in personal categories (coop buddies, close friends, muted ppl, pack mates, best friends, pvp calls, etc.) Please note that the players can edit, change, add, or remove categories as they wish. There can be a maximum limit on the number of categories you're allowed to have. You can arrange the categories in any order you want.

Alpha rank: When in COOP, some of us just want to hunt without being the alpha or participate as a pack. So, a solution to this is an alpha icon (or something like that) next to your name on the leaderboard. If you click it, you won't be alpha even if your score is in the top of the leaderboard. The second player with the highest score will be the alpha. If the second player with the highest score also chose not to be alpha, then the third player with the highest score will be alpha, so on and so forth. If everybody in the room clicks that button and chooses not to be alpha, then the player with the highest score will have no choice but to be alpha. If you guys have a better idea regarding the scenario where everyone chooses not to be alpha then please add on.

PvP Mode:
The developers SHOULD NOT change the current pvp mode to 10 minutes gameplay. It should be an option, an additional PvP mode. This is because some of us like long wars, and it would put too much restrictions if the current PvP mode was changed into the 10 min one.