Private coop Servers

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Northern Lights
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Private coop Servers

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Private coop servers would be a great addition to the game. Say one person enters a room and locks it with a password and only those who have the password can access the room, either coop or PvP. The password would be useable as long as the alpha is in the room and then if they leave the next alpha can use the password. I feel like this would make wolf enjoyable. Even if you invite your pack into a room or coop lobby, chances are someone just sits there and ruins family coop or wars. so I think private rooms with password access would make packs very happy. This would only be an option, not a change to PVP or coop, because sometimes its fun to join random room, but it's always a nice thought.

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Re: Private coop Servers

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I agree it would be nice for people to have a private server to roleplay, chat ect without some rando messing around with the roleplay
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