Searching for players you know by name

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Midnight Lightning
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Searching for players you know by name

Post by Midnight Lightning » Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:46 pm

I think there should be a way to search for players by name. Right now if you don’t have their email or user Id (which is too long to memorize) and the player your looking for is not on your friends list then you can’t send them a friend request until you see them again online which may not happen for a while. Also if you accidentally delete someone from your friends list you can find them to refrained them.

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Re: Searching for players you know by name

Post by Crowvus » Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:50 pm

This COULD work except for the fact many, and I mean many users go by the same name. Although some names are very unique and or may be in a pack so they can easily be pointed out, some do not. For example I see the name "Fang" and "Luna" a lot. Nothing special to it, no letters, no nothing. So if your friend has a very plain name and you attempted to search them you would have to add hundreds of people just to find out who they are. Like I said, a lot of people do have unique names because of packs, or to just differ themselves.. this does not count for all. Not to mention your friend could change their name at any given time. So if you lost them and attempted to search for them there's no promises they didn't change it. I know plenty of people who use playful names and change them often. So unless there was a certain quirk added that really set this function where searching a name pulled up only the one correct user- it would only work 50/50.

HOWEVER, if users registered and had to have an actual username then this would absolutely work! That way you could search them but they could also choose whatever in game name they wanted. (The username and in game name would be two separate things.) :lol:
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