Limited edition skins or skills

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Limited edition skins or skills

Post by Crowvus »

Knowing SA I don't know if they would have the patience or want to put in the effort to do this, but I will say if they did they would definitely get quite a cash grab.

Say for example they had special events during a certain time period, where you could only purchase a skin for a certain amount of time. I can only imagine people would scramble and pay real money for one time skins. And I am just looking at the positive, cause having limited edition skins would have people online constantly grinding for gems.

Although not all members are a biggie for skins. So what about skills? This is a lot more iffy than skins and I doubt they would ever do this. But I am sure limited edition skills would BLOW up, I am thinking they would likely be super expensive to unlock. Likely in the thousands, but it would add so much more rarity and variety into the game.

And like I said this company can be a little slow.. so people would have plenty of time to prepare themselves for limited edition feautures.
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Re: Limited edition skins or skills

Post by BOREALIS »

To be honest, I don't really think the Devs would do this.
The reason behind this is because they want to invest their time and money into this game in the most efficient and long-lasting way possible. If the skins and skills were limited edition, they would have to take a lot of time to create new animations and graphics for the sake of selling them for a few days/weeks.
Like you said, people would be willing to pay real money for these skins and skills. I agree with that, but there are tons of people who already spend hundreds of dollars for skins and skills already. I saw a couple of players with the new Poison Wolf skin the day it came out, and that thing costs 14000 gems, or $100. I also remember seeing someone posting a screenshot showing that they bought one hundred dollars' worth of gems for their online wolf friend's birthday. One hundred dollars for an online friend. That sounds crazy, but I'm dead serious.

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Re: Limited edition skins or skills

Post by rain »

Anything more added that will make people spend more gems is gonna make me quit xD
But I like the idea. Just not personally. I think before anything new like this is added, there has to be better systems for gem distribution.
Honestly, I don't see limited skins working but it could just be me being salty over gems because I refuse to spend my money on a game lmao.

And lets hope they give us hats for christmas and new years eve this year x) thats limited enough for me

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