Adding a Lobby Feature

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Adding a Lobby Feature

Post by Unrealisation » Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:38 am

The other day while we were hanging in Coop, rain mentioned a lobby feature to which later we had a full discussion. It would be like a lobby, similar to games like Call of Duty Mobile or Pubg Mobile.

When in the lobby, you may join a random Coop/PvP server, or select up to 7 friends in your friend list to play. You can join a random map or select a map. For instance, if you invite 2 friends to your lobby, then the game programming code would probably first look for servers with three spots open first. If there is not enough open spots then it'll create a new server.

I'm not entirely sure if there is a limited amount of server and whether this is possible to create for The Wolf, but I think it will have a positive impact on the community overall if this were to be implemented, especially in reducing dramas and toxic comments about "dirty players," as well as allowing you to play with lower or higher leveled friends.
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