The Update '~'

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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The Update '~'

Post by rain »

So yes, most, if not all, are aware that there has been an update recently, which added a variety of new things. I suppose this could also go into the wolf talk, since it is kinda discussion ted talk or sthing lmao

So let's begin.

Spawn is one of the topics that a lot of people are talking about. So many have requested that there are to be improvements with spawn rate. I feel as if the change to how the spawn works in the new update is completely useless and not really noticed as there is pretty much no spawn in any room. No animals to kill, no points, no gems and no way to complete quests in a day. I assume by daily quests, it is meant that the quests should be completed within a day before new quests arrive? This is near impossible. I've entered so many rooms where you can spend 10 minutes running around the map trying to find something to kill, see a dot but realise its a mole, which gives quite a small amount of points. Now, take this small amount of points and put it next to the price of attributes. A huge difference can be seen. Now, you may argue that quests give you points as a substitute for spawn rate. However the time taken to complete each quest is not worth it. It would be better if quests gave gems instead of points, as points aren't as cherished. Now, if the lack of spawn(no spawn essentially) is to make points seem more rare and spectacular, it's failing.

I also noticed that animals chase you for a further distance. This has frustrated me beyond belief. I believe this idea sprouted from the npcs of Evil Lands as they do chase you for a long time. Let me express my annoyance when an animal stuns you, strips you of 50% of your health and kills you because a)you are stunned, you are slower and b)the animal chases you when you are stunned while attacking you. And you can't do anything but die and spawn lightyears away.

Another thing. I see too many white rhinos and aurochs now. I liked it better when you could chose what kinda animals you liked in a room because I absolutely detest rhino and aurochs. Having them everywhere is a nono

Keyboard and chat
Many of my friends are complaining that the keyboard does not function well. The keyboard after the update is just the keyboard that is usually on my device, so I'm fine with it. That's expected, as that was what the update is meant to do. However, what frustrates me is that once you type something, stop, and exit from the keyboard, it sends anyways. The only way to prevent this is to backspace everything. This is similar to Evil Lands so I guess it doesn't bother me as much as I am more adapted to it. It is annoying though, especially during pvp wars.

I do like that there is the option to have fonts again though. It brings back some good nostalgia. I also like that text can be longer in the chat.

There's a glitch where when you are howling to port and stop, the sound continues. Not annoying but a bit icky.
I noticed that the graphics are a bit better too.

So in conclusion, I actually don't mind the update, minus whatever happened with the spawn rate. That is something that has been mentioned so many times but has failed to be presented to players.

ye epic tho
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Re: The Update '~'

Post by Unrealisation »

Adding on to what Rain had said above, there's also this glitch with the text (although I have not experienced it myself, I just saw many posts on Instagram about this glitch). It's where the text a player sends into the coop/PVP chat grows gigantic and might change to a different color other than white. If you want a picture, I'd be happy to send it.

About the quest, I'd assume that you guys use some random generator to decide the reward for each different quest. However, I notice that in some quests, you have to hunt, say 30 white rhinos for only 5,000 coins, while the other day, I only had to kill 12 saigas (sorry Rain :lol: ) for 15 gems, which is much easier and more rewarding. I suggest adding more algorithms to balance the task and the reward better.

Many players have suggested on Instagram to add an option of choosing to use the game keyboard or the system keyboard. I think this would be reasonably simple to implement in the settings tab. The screen where you can customize your name and skin would always have the system keyboard so that players can add different fonts/symbols to their names. If the player has chosen to use the game keyboard, it would appear in their private message, as well as coop and PVP chat. Otherwise, everything else would use the system keyboard. I play on my iPad and use my smart keyboard, so this keyboard update is very convenient. However, I also tried playing on my Samsung 6 phone, and it's annoying because the keyboard covers over half of the screen, and I cannot see the chat and type very slow, even though the keyboard is not sticky like before the update.

The option to add your own personalized fonts/symbols is nice...but sometimes, I don't even know how to refer to them (if they use Chinese or some Arabic characters, for instance). So maybe add another option to create a nickname or something? This nickname must be in the regular text so that other players can actually read your name. You can even make this a required element that all players must do before they go to coop or PVP. How this works in my mind is that if you open up the scoreboard and click on a player's current name (whether it has fancy characters/fonts or not), their name will switch to regular letters that is their nickname that they had entered before.

Yesterday I tested this LBD punishment with my friend (quick, not thorough test), and I like it. I think there will be fewer arguments in PvP about this way of playing.
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