More spawn talk :/

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More spawn talk :/

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So yes another update. At first, it seems nothing much had changed.

There was a new logo intro kinda thing which looked very nice, the usually loading screen and then everything was the same.

This was until I joined coop and saw that animals come in pairs. I didn't mind at first, since the animals I encountered were all relatively easy. (Also because this was like the first few months this game came out). UntiL I saw the aurochs and giant crocs in pairs. As a rather small player, as well as someone who has a lvl 40 account, this upset me. This new addition would only slow down progress, especially for those who usually have no coop partners or aren't as strong.

It's good that the distance animals chase you was fixed. However, that improvement was quickly replaced by distaste for the pairs of animals.

Additionally with the uneven coin distribuition, this feature is just not positive. You may bring up the point that there are more points, but coin distribuition says otherwise. This also prevent people from wanting to cooperate in coop, which I'm assuming is what the developers are going for. I think I have derived this theory from the fact that pairs are harder to kill, hence the need for teamwork. Honestly I hate cooperating with strangers despite it being online coop lmao and my friends stopped cooping because of all the recent coop features.

It would have been better to make the coin and gem distribuition even - unbiased - before even considering to try to add features like this.

I made a post about why I dislike the new system for which animals are found in rooms and this doesn't help.

I like the ideas of pairs but I suggest going back to the old system of organised animals in rooms for reasons explained on that post. More choice for players. The issue of spawn rate isnt the type of animals. It's the spawn rate.

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