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Another update reVieW

Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2019 9:55 am
by rain
I'm running out of titles rip

Yes, spawn rate is better now. Yes, there are new champs.

Those claims from the 1.8.2 update are all correct. However, the claim that exp/reward distribution is fixed has not met up to what it states. In fact, it has gotten quite worse. NO matter how much damage you do, you can get nothing from a champ. I have no idea how it works anymore. At this point it's just a mess.

It seems that so much is being added.

Issues with distribution still stand though. Gem and coin distribution is one of the topics that many people have wanted to have fixed. Yet, nothing has really changed that has benefited the issue of unfair/bad distribution. Quests do not make up for the lost gems and points.

Distribution should be even. Everyone should get the same. New features seem to aim for a more co-operative environment so I don't see why this hasn't been sorted out properly yet. I feel like I have repeated this post so many times and I don't want to write out an entire essay again so please, fix this. I really detest coop at the moment.

I'm still playing this game because I have hope in the game and what the developers bring to the game.