Some ideas to improve the game

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Some ideas to improve the game

Post by Alilei »

* A lot of people leave the game because it is monotonous, I will present some ideas that will improve the game. *

-->> Reactions :
--> Animal reactions, for example, sitting, rolling, laughing, playing, digging, tail wagging, action of affection for a friend, action showing aggression ...

-->> Basic needs :
--> Piss, shit, eat and drink.
*Note: Without forcing the player to do the needs all the time and if hungry and thirsty, his life will recover more slowly.

-->> Customize the wolf :
--> The game provides species of wolves, but it would be interesting to be able to lighten or darken their color, change your ears, eye color and tail.
--> Scars Drop on Champion Animals.
--> VIP members can customize their wolf with all the tools available in the game.

-->> Add small pvp areas to coop maps :
--> I know Coop's goal is to hunt, but it would be nice to be able to fight without leaving the map, the winner would not win money or xp.
--> If someone killed the top 1, he could be Alpha for a certain time.

-->> Alpha transfer :
--> The top 1 lend the Alpha to 2nd and 3rd place upon reaching a certain score. The top 1 can take back Alpha whenever he wants.

-->> Make combat more interesting :
--> Adding Stamina.
--> Add dodge.
- By clicking 1x, the wolf will make a small jump, spending little stamina.
- By clicking 2x, the wolf will make a short jump and roll, wasting more stamina.
- The direction of the dodge will go to where the analog is pointing.

-->> Balance skills and powers for PvP :
*Note: In PvE, it is necessary to use powers and form groups to hunt certain animals, but in PvP is another story. At high levels the combat is totally disproportionate and bland, killing the opponent with 1 combo.

-->> Ranking:
--> Top on XP in PvE and kills in PvP

-->> Profile:
--> Show the wolf, number of matches in PvE and XP and how many matches and kills in PvP.

-->> Guild/ Pack

-->> User:
--> If a user has a name and is found by that name, finding someone else by ID is terrible.
--> Create more than 1 wolf and delete.

-->> be able to chat up to see old conversations.

I know it is not so easy to put everything I propose in the topic, but I hope some tips are applied or serve as a basis for new updates. The game has a lot of potential and can get better with certain tweaks.

* Sorry if there are grammar errors, I'm Brazilian and I used Translator. *

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