wolf mates <3

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wolf mates <3

Post by Dezza »

Hey, I am new to the forum, but have been playing this game for quite some time now, and one thing I really enjoyed to do was finding a mate and well having some puppies. Would be kind of neat where you could like click 'accept' to be another wolfs mate, and if you both are killing other animals around each other/same animal, then you will get a boost of exp etc.

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Re: wolf mates <3

Post by Delirium »

I absolutely agree. We need more social content in this game like in almost all other animal simulation games.
I would be fine with pups as well as with pets in general. Idk, collecting pets would higher my motivation to grind. Just one pet per wolf, of course, and different skins/animal types. Just baby animals we can adopt to individualize our appearance.
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Re: wolf mates <3

Post by rain »

I'm not supportive of having a mate or pup system in game, I iust dont see it working well. But pets sound okay. I wouldn't mind having a bird flying behind me lol maybe they give some sort of boost? Not really as a whole you need to look after it but an add on accessory of some sort

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Re: wolf mates <3

Post by Unrealisation »

Perhaps not an actual mate request, but a feature to which you could categorize a player's relationship with you: mom, dad, pup, grandparents, sisters, brothers, mate, friends, best friends, etc.

In addition, having various wolf sizes for every skin (small, medium, large, extra-large) would be nice. If you're role-playing as a pup then you could choose the smallest wolf size.
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