More PvP Modes & Team Balance

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Re: More PvP Modes

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Unrealisation wrote:
Fri Apr 03, 2020 2:45 am

Actually that's not a bad idea if we just simplify things down a notch and ignore the skills because players who have paid or played longer should and would get an advantage in this area. Perhaps we can average all the attributes (x/4), thinking in terms of players below level 50 too. Also, there would be no option for team switch if we add new modes as I have suggested, and it will take longer to properly match.

The stat room could be something like x <= y <= z. Where x is the lowest averaged stat allowed in that server, and z is the highest averaged stat allowed in that server (because it's rare for two or more players to have exact stat average, using 150 as an example).

If the red team has more than # difference allowed then the system could take additional time to rearrange players on both teams.

It's not going to be a perfect matching system but definitely more fair than the current system.
The problem with this though, your death match mode, is that the team matching could be made fair using this system but weaker players could be targeted by the other team in order to achieve the kills, and that would ruin the gameplay for them. Imagine being the only one who gets killed over and over again.

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