RPG aspects

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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RPG aspects

Post by rain »

I think that this game has a lot of potential for more new features, especially things that would be found in other rpg games. Although it may be complex and a bit too much I do hope sometime in the future this game will have a lot more to it. I gathered some ideas that I commonly see from rpg games that could work in this game. I was once against ideas like this but now that I've explored more rpg games I'm spinning with ideas lol

These can be collected through a system like collecting a specific amount of cards or material from animals, quests, chests, etc. They can either be just for appearance or have influence on the stats of skills, damage dealt, and more stuff. Perhaps gaining cards could be another way to get specific skins(that don't exist otherwise there'll be issues with skins that money and gems have already been spent on)

Nothing too crazy, maybe just a bird or some glowing sphere. Maybe they could have properties like healing. I think this is one of the ideas that need a longer time to work and may not be suited for this game, but its an interesting idea.

Daily Gift/Spin
Ideas for gifts include:
- bag of points
- gems
- tokens for extra ads(quests)
- temporary buff(like vip but for a shorter period of time and they add on to vip if you have it)

Daily Login
Adding on to the idea of a daily spin, an alternative or add on would be logins, where you get one specific item a day.

Chests can include items like the cards mentioned for gear and items similar to the daily gift. The two could be combined. You could buy chests but you also get a free one.

Gifting Friends
Although a possibility is giving friends gems and points, maybe you could give friends some sort of currency and they send it back too. With this currency you can buy chests

There could be rewards from guilds but it could also just be there to hang out with friends

Event Quests
Quests just like our daily quests, but for a specific event and better rewards. More events like the Christmas and new year ones would be nice too

Feel free to share your opinions and any other things you wanna add on. I know many of these wont be implemented anytime soon but maybe some of the ideas can work.

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Re: RPG aspects

Post by Skyres »

This is like an inbetween of costume and companion - Paw prints. Maybe you can have different coloured paw print that trails behind your wolf as it runs or other animations(eg. snow flakes, sparkles or glowing spheres as rain you suggesed in companion)

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