PLEASE increase Defence

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PLEASE increase Defence

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I think defence could use a drastic increase in response to the update, to stop people from dying so quickly in PvP. The extra HP and Attack levels are great but with defence still remaining so low, it just doesn't feel so "balanced" anymore.

Players can die within as little as 5 seconds in a tough pvp game (I'm talking 10k players and higher) and the only way to prevent this would be to have outrageously high HP, which some people won't want to do for the sake of protecting their Criticals.

HP and Attack are at an all time high but Defense still sits at 65 which means one is able to kill and be killed at a split second's notice and some peoole may not have the sharpness of reflexes to cope with it all. As a result PvP has become extremely fleeting and chaotic in nature. The best way I can describe the experience so far is that one clip of Bambi trying to walk on ice. However, this could just be a matter of time and adjustment.

Don't get me wrong, the new pvp is hilarious because of this and I'm quite enjoying myself, but the erraticness of it gets very tiring very quickly even for me, and others may not like it so much.
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