New skills 2020-2021

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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New skills 2020-2021

Post by Wolfbanegod »

Skill 1: Lightning Vortex
Creates a giant tornado around the enemies that puts out lethal lightningbolts
Skill 2: Tame
Allows you to control bigger tougher aninals suck as a aurch or a giant crockodile.
Skill 3: Ghost of Howling city
Raises the dead wolves and they attack like evil spirits.
Skill 4: Tornado regenaration
A tornado vortex that heals everybody in an instant. It also replaces life regen totem.
Skill 5: Volcanic Wave
Emits a pool of lava around ene enemies and is deadly in coop and pvp.
Skill 6: Never back down
Ultimate rage its a bigger rage and is a new totem.
Skill 7: Shockwave Blast
An electrical trap that acts like a static bomb. When it goes off it shocks the enemies for about ten minutes even after you die taking damage to the enemies.
Skill 8: Angelic Leap
Allows you to jump sky high and bring down a explosive hit.
Skill 9: Plague of the wolf
Emits a purple aura that attaches the enemies with acidic substances. And takes damage as the enemies is poisoned.
Skill 10: Tidalwave
Brings a whirlpool around the feet of your prey and sucks them into the ground. As they come back up. They are stunned with confusion that causes them to fade intoca ghost as it damages the enemies.

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Re: New skills 2020-2021

Post by nightmare3 »

Nice ideas. đź‘Ť I'd like for there to be a skill that lets out something similar to the explosion trap or fire nova when you die. The blast radius dealing damage to those within its range.

I was thinking that it could be called 'The Last Laugh' :lol:

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Re: New skills 2020-2021

Post by Quarantine »

I find it really easy to get carried away with what you want a skill to do, OP skills seem to get over used and I do feel a few might be on their way but some of these would add a nice change of pace to the game.
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