Packs and pack quest

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Packs and pack quest

Post by Wolfbanegod »

So packs actually become a thing in the game. Pack chat, pack quest, pups all that is introduced into the game. Of course its online because its multiple packs. Its like coop. Hut instead of 8 players you see 8 packs logged in. And each pack has to achive certain goals for pack rewards such as gems and such. Also add ons are added to the wolf so you can create your own wolf skins and all.

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Re: Packs and pack quest

Post by Unrealisation »

Adding packs in the game is definitely a cool idea, I’d be interested in seeing how it will be implemented, but I don’t think I will join packs again. This feature also makes sense because in real life, wolves live in packs. If you’re the creator of the pack, you have the ability to make a pack “tag,” which will be displayed for yourself and all your members. Maybe each person can create a maximum of 2 or 3 packs of their own. Each pack you create will have its own separate group chat. You can name and assign ranks, add members, remove members.

I’m curious what others think, because right now people that are in packs communicate via a Discord, Facebook, Instagram, or Kik group chat. Would this in-game pack feature be popular? Would it be more practical than socializing on a different platform, where you can send pictures, videos, emojis, links, and memes?
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Re: Packs and pack quest

Post by Mudpuppy2202 »

I like the idea of adding packs for rewards and ranks, but every pack has there own rank. So I say if we are going to do that then there should be a slot to add ranks, and a slot for the alphas. There also is challenges in the pack. But if you think, this game already has what you need for a pack so I disagree entirely, don’t do this.

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