What the next update should be.

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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What the next update should be.

Post by Mudpuppy2202 »

My suggestion is that you should expand the maps. I mean, just in that little area it gets boring. Also I have a new map, I call it diamond woods. I mean the trees are a little bit closer together, there’s a cave and there’s a lake beside den, and plenty of champs of corse. The next thing I say you do is fix the problem I run into hackers a lot it’s annoyingly and unfair. The last thing I say you do. At the picture of the wolf you have on if you tap on it you get attributes. I think you should have to change skin without leaving the room. Oh and the last thing, your attribute prices are ridiculous. You should have it to level up, the attributes are one simple price like, 10k. Then it never goes up after that. I think that because it takes 4K gems to get 500k points, and with the prices it’s ridiculous. I also say that once you get to level 50 you need 9m Xp which is far to much. So either bring down the price or make animals worth more.
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Re: What the next update should be.

Post by Unrealisation »

I agree with you that coins and gems earning from hunting animals NEED to be increased. With the latest update, they’ve decreased the amount of coins and gems you earn, which is extremely problematic, and wasn’t necessary at all. It’s not like we were earning so many coins and gems before the update that they need to reduce it.
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Re: What the next update should be.

Post by rain »

I would love to see larger maps, or more maps. I feel like that is what brings interest to games and the amount of variety in scenery as well(caves, trees, water[everyone loves water in the maps], heights of locations)

A larger selection of skins would also be nice, more skins around the price 2000-6000 range and possibly simpler color skins that are free or cost 500-1500(so that smaller players at a disadvantage in rooms can afford fancier skins more easily)

Increased rewards would be a major improvement as if would benefit the whole player base. I think that could something good to look into.

As for leveling up, when lvl 50 was the max level, most players were pretty strong so leveling up was not a painful experience. However this doesn't apply to everyone and I'm addressing somewhere around the lvl 40s who just reached lvl 50. 9M of exp is a lot when it takes a long time to kill one animal and when vip is harder to get, gaining exp is slow. I'm not sure how this can be improved without destroying everything else that has been built but hopefully someone has an idea.

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Re: What the next update should be.

Post by Quarantine »

Instead of everyone focusing on the lvl up, the game needs something that makes the grind more fun. Mini games, an explorer map with many places to go, a 1v1 arena, a speed course (how fast can you complete bla bla bla and get back to the den), unique funny movement/action like growling, side jump, wag tail, ect.
The game is intended to last for awhile, not everything os ment to be spoon fed to everyone.
A constant price of 50000-60000 would make sense, because than upgrades would be ever so slightly apparent till you reach lvl 40s...which is usually when things start picking up anyways. And than people can really customize their wolfs and gives lower lvls something to look forward to than the Devs should advertise cooler stuff that happens at that point.
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