Many hackers and FREE XP

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Many hackers and FREE XP

Post by Cheyennemay »

because there are so many players who play with a hack program, they have all items, high levels and the animals can no longer be killed by themselves. watch my video it says everything I mean.
It's really no fun playing for hours for a little bit of XP
and if you try (usually, not always) to participate in the XP you will be told that you are stealing
big players and little ones do not go together in 1 group in the pack map.
therefore I found a way to do the quest,and earn XP.
I hope there will be come a solution for all this problems.
Link to the video

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Re: Many hackers and FREE XP

Post by Saeleatheahn »

Hello miss, hackers now openly bragging about killing players in co-op. Trying to get Swift to do something for a while. You seem to have a long standing voice in this Forum. I am unknown. Is it possible for you to raise awareness and maybe ask gamers to screenshoot them so they can be identified for banning? I know this is an unusual and large request, but they will eventually ruin this wonderful app. Thanks for reading. :)

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