Eating the things we kill

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Eating the things we kill

Post by Jakepoops_7 »

I feel like we should be able to eat the things we kill, and drink water from the lakes. We should have a a food and thirst bar that tells us when we need water or food. And also as I have mentioned before, maybe we should be able to sit, lay down, and sleep. I like the idea of being able to sit while having a conversation with somebody. Just sitting in a circle with all my friends seems fun somehow🤗. Idk, maybe this is a bit much for the game right now. Just something to think about.

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Re: Eating the things we kill

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Couldn’t agree more! That would be far more realistic! I also kind of feel like there should be some carcasses lying around, they don’t have to be there forever obviously because that would just make everything look dirty, there are just too many wolves in a single game to have carcasses from different animals they killed all over the place but having a carcass lying there for at least a minute for us to either go back too or for another wolf to scavenge on is more realistic and something you would actually see in the wild. People don’t realize that even those slight details would make the game a lot more exciting.
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Re: Eating the things we kill

Post by Crowvus »

I don’t really see them adding this. The point of the game is very clear, it is an endless grind that never really stops. If they added other things we would have to worry about such as having to keep track of a hunger and thirst bar this would take away from grinding time which already takes up way too much time. Even if it was quick you’d still have to run back and forth between patches of water and random animals. Then you have to consider other things— how long is it gonna take to eat the animal? If it’s a simple click that takes no time at all there would be no point to filling hunger anyways since the whole point of coop is killing animals either way.

Along with that if somebody wants to keep their score that’s in the 1 mil but has to be afk for 10 or 20 minutes due to something urgent then what would be the effects of not fulfilling the bars. Would you die? If so, the point of filling up hunger and thirst is still pretty pointless since animals kill players all the time. Would it have other effects like slowing down players, reducing hp and attack? I believe that many players would quit the game if this took a role. It already takes so much time to coop alone that having a hunger and thirst bar would have little to no benefit in game especially if it reduced stats like this. The only way this could MAYBE work is if there was a gem or point rewards for keeping it full.

But all in all even though it gives something for the player to do after awhile the repeatedly running back and forth between water and animal when just trying to coop and get quick coins (and put stress on the player to keep the bars from going to nothing.) the negatives of this far outweigh the benefits unless they found a concept that would work for everyone. (Which would most likely include decent rewards, which, The Wolf probably won’t do since they already added quests and gem rewards from ads, and as a pay to win game they don’t wanna give too much to players.) maybe in the future something like this would be added but it certainly wouldn’t be my cup of tea.

But having emotes for the game like sitting laying etc would be cool since a lot of people like to take screenshots and make edits with their friends.
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