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I’m going to keep suggesting this until the maker of this wonderful game makes it happen to the T! Now, I know this request seems like a lot to fulfill BUT I think most people and especially true authentic wolf lover’s will agree. I’ve even gotten a few votes that agree on this idea in the review section in the App Store. Now, for the part everyone is asking for in the game, on instagram and even in the App Store review area! PUPS! PLEASE CONTINUE READING.... first I do think we should have the option of females being able to raise her pups on her own or with her preferred people or pack, I don’t mind us having a mom and dad option but give the single mom option please! PERSONALLY I don’t even trust a so called “mate” to keep my pups alive! Here’s why cause...

TIMING: This is the suggestion I give to show how the pups will come to be... I think the female should be pregnant for at least 24Hour. Just like how you have it timed for the quest, time her pregnancy. Yes it’s shorter compared to the real world but long in the game but that cause it’s a game! But we still want to be REALISTIC you don’t just design pups and boom they are there. Pups magically showing up is NOT realistic! I think the pups should be immobile for their newborn to 8 week mark. Mothers should keep their pups in the little corner in the den, where they can’t die. Pups should have the same healing abilities as us when we run back to the den. SO they’ll be safest in the dens where they can’t get killed and have the protection of the pack while they are immobile! This can last maybe a full day or two (Timed). Yes, you will be sharing a nursery/ den with other mother wolves and pack members. Since we only have 1 healing den. Now from 9 weeks to 6 months, they can walk! Here’s the interesting part. Please put it that the pups MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MOTHER like little ducklings following the mother duck. You need to make a button were you are able to release your pups (like turning off a magnet or suction from being attached to you). It’s unrealistic to have your pups fighting with you or having them there with you while you take down a bull or other threatening animals. So mothers can decide to hide (release) their pups in a bush or on a rock. It’ll be up to you to use your motherly wolfy instincts to make sure that there are no “charging threatening animals - bulls, boars, jaguars, elephants, birds other wolves in pvp, ect) near by!!!! I personally wouldn’t risk leaving them unattended in pvp outside of den unless I had a few pack members I trusted watching over them but in coop I would just have to be mindful of the surroundings and pups should be safe in a bush until I return.

REALISM: The pups should be allowed to die if you are irresponsible and they get found and killed by another animal or other wolves from a rival pack. Again it’s up to her or her mate or if she trust them enough her pack to determine a good spot to place the pups were other animals that attack back (like even raccoons) won’t hurt and killed them. It DOESN’T have to be bloody or gruesome. If another type of animal or rival pack find them, pups should run the risk of dying just like the rest of us and us mothers having to start the birthing and raising all over again. Just a notification saying you lost your pup or litter, sad BUT REALISTIC. That’ll keep us on our toes and alert.

ADDED FEATURES: So you know how your quested animals pop up as the color orange on the maps monitor? Well if you have your pups tucked away somewhere and they are out of sight from you hunting, our pups should pop up maybe as tiny purple dots. Purple that only US wolf parent(s) can see. The only time a rival wolf or wolf pack can end up finding your pups is if you didn’t hide them well or they saw where you placed them🤷🏽‍♀️ (SO BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS) this is why having the single mom mode Would be good because not all females trust others with their pups, again I wouldn’t trust anyone else to defend and protect my pup if they are outside the den. Or that they wouldn’t be mindful enough and Compromise my pups location.

MOTHERS AND PUPS: I like that when we are standing still for some time our own wolves Starts to look around and even lay down I think our pups should start playing with each other when staying in a single spot, But of course not leaving the spot the mother place them in. Mothers should also be able lay down When it’s time to nurse our pups. While mother’s nurse, our own life should slowly get low as well. Not by a lot! But it should go down to give us a reason and purpose to go out and hunt every chance you get, to nurse your young. Because if you are low on life then how are you supposed to nurse the young If they take life from you as a nurse from you. So it’ll keep it realistic. Giving basically new pups full-blown bison or elk just isn’t realistic especially if we aren’t allowed to drag the animal where we need it to be. I also think that mother wolves should be able to pick up a single pup by her mouth if she decides to move them to another nursery spot or “den sight” one pup at a time.

I think we should be able to enjoy these pups for about two weeks and their growing process should be for about two weeks after the two weeks are up they are already a year old and therefore are grown wolves. The maker of the game can decide to do with those wolves. Female wolves then have the option on whether or not they want to start that process again. Keeping in mind that how much you feed them, how well you’re able to protect them from being killed will affect how fast they will become an adult wolf. I also think it’s very important for this game to stay as realistic as possible. I’ve been seeing a lot of suggestions that involve closing the world and having magical powers just a lot of unrealistic stuff. For us true authentic wolf lovers we just simply need a simple wolf game that involves real wolf activities. For once can a game not involve wizards and magic stuff?? there are literally so many other wolf games that have those type of features! This game is the only one that comes even close to being very realistic and yet high-quality. I’m begging you! please don’t add any unrealistic stuff. You want real updates?… Give us puppies, mates, weather changes, Birthing seasons were even pray have young. Those are your ideas. I don’t mind the ads on the game to keep it free but please if you can just add these things I’m suggesting I promise people will love this game even more. I know it’s a lot and I thank you for reading to the end but I promise it’ll be well worth it in the end. And please have a weather mode please let it rain and on occasions STORM. Let the wolf’s fur be drenched from the rain. I want to feel like my wolf needs to find shelter when weather and time of day changes! I have attached some images to help you get a visual of what I’m talking about. Now, if you don’t agree with any of this then just keep scrolling but if you understand where I’m coming from and this is something you would like to see please leave a comment under my post and get this post noticed somehow! And for some of you beautifully creative people out there can someone please under this post try to draw or design a picture example, something that will show what a wolf pup should look like in this game?
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