Thoughts about Mega Reward

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Thoughts about Mega Reward

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Dear Swift Apps,

We, players, truly appreciated the new update and the vs improvements. I am also sure you guys are aware already of the “zombie” glitch.

However, I would like to make a comment about the Mega Reward and the quest boosts.

Please, make it for coop only. The reason? Strong players get stronger, and players with small CP and that cannot pay for the better one, get weaker. It also makes pvp, in my point of view, unfair. Players with 60K health and plus will get invincible with the boosts. Also, another argument that can be brought up, is that if used for pvp, it can intensify the cyber bullying. Reason? Weaker players will get denned by the ones that get the reward and pay for the better boost. This game, as we all know, is meant for fun, and it’s also about fair play. Making strong players stronger doesn’t seem very fair. I would like to, because of that, kindly ask you, developers, to rethink about the usage of this reward in PvP and it’s pros and cons, once more.

This unfairness, because I am not able to pay for the better boost, no matter the price - we are talking about lots of different currencies here - completely crashes my excitement to play.

Thanks a lot for reading. I hope you all have a good day! :D

Take care,

A Wolf Player 8-)

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