Passive Skill Sets

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Passive Skill Sets

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So, hear me out...
A multitude of skills that ever so slightly increase or negate attributes and main skills.

Passive Skill Ideas:
- a 1% chance that your attack will bypass 50% of targets defense
- freezing affect skills are less effective on you, resist being slowed
- fire affect skills are less effective on you, resist after burn
- making a kill gives you a 2 second speed boost (no stacking for multiple kills)
- increased range of attacks by 8%
- "team defense" that redirects 5% of damage done to teammates near you, to you
- when killed you do area damage of 100%
- portals last longer when you're alpha
- heal faster in den by 5%
- deal 5% more damage but decrease your hp and your defense by 15%
- at the last 10% of your hp, your defense increases by 10%
- see outlined shadows of enemies mines
- reduce cooldown time of all skills in use by 2%
- teammates close to you get a 2% speed increase
- the last 5% of your health is divided amongst your teammates, meaning you die early but give your team a fighting chance
- decreased damage received when planting a trap

These are examples, obviously only one can be used at a time...basically, they might not be OP game changers but would add a live affect to game play and team presence would have a stronger role...even stronger players can use a hand in coop while some stronger players are looking to help weaker wolfs but can only do so much with healing (one hit kills from big pray)

Not only would this be another skill set but also a customization trait for the player, a way of being more unique...feeling like their presence in battle is needed, and add a contribution side to the game that is really needed right now.
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