In game moderators and report button

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In game moderators and report button

Post by slowassdevs »

One of the major turn offs for the game are hackers and those that use VPN to lag their game. We know swift's slow response rate in customer service will do us nothing to stop them, and since they are likely too cheap to hire more staff for our benefit, why not interview members of the in-game community to help with ONE of the many problems in the game.

With staff in game, they can record suspicious activity and then come to the forum to fill out a full report directly to Swift's people who deal with hackers (if there are any). Those with obvious hacks would receive a permanent ban. Those who appear to be using a VPN should receive a warning, and after a certain amount of warning accumulated to one wolf (say 3), they are temp. banned (say a few days). If it keeps happening, the temp. ban would just increase (3 days, 1 week, to 1 month, etc.). These are of course, just ideas of what the punishments could be. The main idea is that the in-game staff would be able to directly report these players for them to be reviewed in an efficient time period and effectively taken care of.

The staff having direct access to banning an account gives them too much power, and could lead to staff abuse, but there is a way to still have them be effective in removing hackers from the room:

Staff Abilities
- A staff only mode, "Invis On/Off"
With this, there should be an additional playing mode where they can view players that have been reported (reported feature explained lower). The players and the number of reports to their wolf should be listed greatest to least. To prevent abuse of this mode, it should be required that staff begin recording ALL gameplay PRIOR to toggling Invis On and until AFTER toggling it off again. This mode is to prevent the hackers or those using VPN from turning them off before the staff can record and get obvious proof to create a report.

In this mode, they cannot interact with ANYTHING (animals, skills, other wolves, den heal, etc.). They appear to be offline on friends list, can join a full room without counting as a space (9/8 would not exist, if joining a full room it remains 8/8), and are exactly what one would expect someone to be invisible to be.

If they choose not to go into invis mode when responding to a report, they just have to record before responding to the report and until after they deal with it, but this makes it much more harder as you will be effected by animals and other wolves' skills.

- A "remove" button
The ability to remove a player from the room, and they would not be able to join back to that specific room. This would only be an option in invis mode, where it would have to be recorded to show that they were removed for a valid reason. The action of removing a player would be assigned a code, i.e. #2432, and in the staff's forum report, they must include the remove # if they removed a member. The Swift moderators should have access to every remove # and the date, time, and players involved during the remove. A remove that has no recording to it will lead to that staff member getting a warning and after a certain number of warning (say 3) they are asked/forced to resign.

It would appear where the buttons of add friend/ mute appear. When pressed, it provides a box of reasons why, and then after selecting the reason, it asks to confirm the removal of "Player ID: XXXXXXXX" (whatever the ID is).

While it would be more efficient to directly have the staff ban the player, I just don't know with this community, if the wrong person gets their hands on that command what they could do.

Report Button
The addition of the report button should be given the VIP members as a trial first. Once the feature is sound, it can be given to non-VIP members. Report should then give a list of reasons why or allow a text box for the reporter to give. The report should then be added to that wolf ID and show up to the staff's "staff area" in game.
The main job of staff is to join the room to record proof and upload it to a staff only section of the forum, where it is then Swift's job to punish the player. The idea is HOPEFULLY that Swift can "swiftly" respond to the reports from trusted members, instead of ignoring all our reports we send to their email or @'s.

Applying for staff
An added bit to the forum that is "Staff Application" that brings you to the application. Swift can create their own application to whatever they think is necessary, if they even take this idea, it is up to them in the end.

- In addition to the staff app. part of the forum, there should be an area given for players to upload their own recordings of suspicious activity where the STAFF would review them and decide whether or not to forward it to their area of the forum that goes directly to the people that deal with them.
- The area where the devs directly review the videos should be only be clear videos that have enough evidence that the player is using hacks or VPN and not just lagging.
- If the player believes they are falsely banned there has to be an appeal section where multiple members of the staff discuss the situation and whether or not it is valid. If it is, they bring it to the devs, if not they respond of course after it was reviewed by multiple staff members.
- Ideally, the staff that have proven to be genuinely here to help could be after a while, promoted to be one of the people that can directly ban or view the forum and then take action.
- I don't see any perks for being a staff, and I don't there should be. People should want to apply because they want to better the community, not for a perk.

Spot Blocking(?)
Should spot blocking be a reason to report a player?
Or should there just be a system where the team votes out the teammate that is doing nothing? Would people abuse this or is it a good idea?
I honestly don't know, if the player is reported for spot blocking, then it is a questionable area for how the long the staff should be in the room recording to prove that the player reported is in fact a spot block. 5 minutes? 10? I am just not sure how this would work.

I'd like your thoughts on a report button, and the idea that in-game staff would respond to the report buttons. Because I thought about it, and if Swift doesn't respond to emails reporting players, what good would a report button do?

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Re: In game moderators and report button

Post by not bloody hacker »

this is the funniest one so far 😂🤣🤣

Vote out SB
bruh uts just a game people can play however they want and about VIP moderators it simply wont work

players just report each other over hate and some are just like you very childish Hh
Or is it bloodyhacker ?

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Re: In game moderators and report button

Post by Unrealisation »

While I understand your concerns with hackers and the desire to punish/eliminate them faster, I agree with notbloodyhacker about in-game staffs and voting against SB.

First, I don't think interviewing players to make them moderators will work the way we imagine.
For example, let's say I want to apply for this position.
I could write an amazing response and yet lie about everything at the same time.
I could also be a hacker applying to be a moderator ;)
There's no way that the developers can trust me unless they know me personally.
Therefore, I would need to provide them my personal information and perhaps even meet online via Zoom or phone calls to discuss this matter.

Moreover, I don't think the method of voting out SB will work because everybody is biased. Many players will abuse this feature more often than using it for actual spot blockers:
  • Server with 4-7 pack members will likely to kick out a random player who is not from their own pack because they value their pack members more than that random player
  • Server with players (who are mostly friends) disliking another particular player will vote that person out
  • A player who is OP might get kicked out by other weaker players in that server
You can see the complexity and unreliableness of these two systems. I do not have solutions, but this is just my thoughts on why they wouldn't work the way we want.
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