Hex World vs. Random World

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Hex World vs. Random World

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A world divided into hexes; multiplayer; where you roam and level from pack fights. This goes hand in hand with a human pack being created, and bonuses being given to them from controlling land. As your pack grows infamy, and total level and stats increase from being in control, you move up with the stronger packs.. with it being enough land for a smaller weaker pack to gain bonuses.

Yea or nay.?
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Re: Hex World vs. Random World

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I came to talk about this very idea!! I like how it is with whoever is on top is the only one that can how to gather everyone, but I think it would be cool to have that feature with a whole pack making system like other RPGs we can fight to assert dominance and fight other packs as well. And I think they should make it so it's hard to be a lone wolf but doable. I hope more people like this idea because it would make the experience so much more fun.

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