Skill variations

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Skill variations

Post by Skyres »

Maybe when you have maxed a skill, you can choose to continue upgrade its range/ damage /duration/ handicap. For simple skills such as double claw there is only damge to choose from, while skills further down the skill tree have more options, such as life steal% for Life Steal and Vampiric Claw or elevation&range for Thunderstorm and Hail. This way although people are using the same skill one might have bigger damage while the other has a larger range or longer duration. Damage might be the op choice but if you have a wider range you can kill enemies before they reach you.

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Re: Skill variations

Post by Coca »

Love this idea

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Re: Skill variations

Post by SnoDragon »

I feel like it would make this simple game a bit more complicated, but it would be cool to see different variations of skills, so you could be a bit unique in what skills you use.
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