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Please fix these lags!

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2020 11:18 am
by Xira
Hello to you all
Im sure other players have had these issues before too and I decided I want to do something about it and hoping the developers would finally fix these lags.

1. Receiving zero exp, coins or gems from champs or regular animals
This one is the one that annoys me the most. Theres been delays on getting gems from champs which probably everyone has noticed and im wondering if this is why it happens. Lately ive been often receiving zero exp, coins or gems from champs when ive shared them. Yesterday I found and shared two mighty rhino champs and got nothing from either of those!! I used all of my skills (which are all lvl 10-13) and bite them too but still received nothing. This bothers me alot because im loosing lot of gems and coins because of this and it makes me feel like im just wasting my time playing. Sometimes I see it happening even when I kill regular animals and notice I havent received the exp or coins. This is so frustrating.. So please, fix this as fast as you can.

2. Animals disappearing during night
This one is also really frustrating. Ive noticed this happening a lot lately and other players have complained about it too. Sometimes when it comes night in the map animals start changing or they even disappear! For example yesterday I was about to share champ when alpha called for other champ and everyone went for port. When I came back to the other champ it was gone. And heres another example aswell. One day when I got into room and was there all alone I was about to kill triple of mighty rhinos but went for something else first. Then when I came back for the same spot for the rhinos they had turned into bisons. This is kinda funny but also very annoying, ecpecially when it happens with champs. I hope this gets fixed soon too.

I know the developers have lot of things to do with the game and have their own life too but if lags and glitches like these wont be fixed and keep existing I can see the game slowly dying and more people deleting the game, like myself.
Anyways this is all I wanted to say for now. Also please dont mind my possible typos since my native language isnt english😁
Have a good day!

Re: Please fix these lags!

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2020 10:42 am
by itssBlue
The first one is being looked into :) as we're aware of this, also we appreciate the feedback/suggestion into the spawn mechanism