Cancelling own friend request.

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Cancelling own friend request.

Post by Saeleatheahn »

When I see hackers or perverts I have to screenshot global chat & ingame proof of breech of Terms and Conditions as well as player id number, so I can email the info to Swift. For id number I have to send a friend request. Too many times bad players hold on to request, neither accepting or denying. I am uncertain if that could be detrimental to me, if hacks such as Bloody Hacker could use the stored info of modded players (ie- his groupies) that I call out.
The option to cancel a sent request would give me peace of mind, as I've felt the need to un/reinstall a few times because I simply cannot accept cheats and sickos in an online game designed for all ages.

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Re: Cancelling own friend request.

Post by SnoDragon »

Like an 'outgoing friend requests menu'?
Dragon is yes

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Re: Cancelling own friend request.


I believe you should be able to re click on friends request button to reverse the action also. As in asking to be friends then changing your mind and take back the friends request.

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Post by AugustAless »

Would it be a good feature to add some sort of in-game friend making and logging feature like in MMOs. Or perhaps some sort of Steam integrated Steam ID Viewing and Friend Connecting system could be implemented?

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Post by TromasFoock »

I don't think anyone takes requests for mods.
Creating a mod takes at least months, usually years.
Unless you mean something else...

Can you give us an example of a mod request?

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