Team Balance(PVP)

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Team Balance(PVP)

Post by rain »

Team balance in one of the previous updates was meant to separate strong players from weaker players. It worked, kind of. Level wise it's a bit fairer, but still uneven majority of the time. Even if it was all lvl 50s in one room, there would likely be a player who dominates the room by a lot of factors. These includes all the attributes(mainly attack and hp) + skill lvls. Maybe rooms could be organised in these factors instead if wanted(i know some people who prefer a challenge and many people have friends who are higher lvls).

Note: this is all opinionated

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Re: Team Balance(PVP)

Post by SANNA »

As a weak level 50 player I agree with you. I have been placed into rooms with players who have 17k health, and I have to say, it’s extremely difficult to kill them. I definitely think the room level separations should be tighter, for example, instead of level 45-50 it should be perhaps 48-50, because it’s unfair on those who are level 45 having to fight against people 5 levels above them. Or perhaps, like you said, be organised damage and health factors. This way the game will be fairer and much more enjoyable :mrgreen:
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Re: Team Balance(PVP)

Post by BOREALIS »

Yes, I absolutely agree with this. Also, if a player, let's say 7k, wanted a challenge, they could have an option to join a server with 10ks.

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Re: Team Balance(PVP)

Post by creamalamode »

It sounds like we need server options. It would be pretty beneficial to those who just want to play alone or with friends and make it easier to pick fair levels based on the users in that game. This is probably the only game I've ever played without server options.
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